On this blog, I primarily explore ways of writing fiction and non-fiction. Specifically, I am interested in the ontology and epistemology of fiction and non-fiction, how we describe the world and ascribe truth and value to texts (as writers and readers). In short, ontology is the theory of being, of what exists in the world and how. Epistemology is the theory of knowledge and is about what we can know about the world and how. I don’t work within a particular discipline, I guess it’s alright to describe me as an eclectic transdisciplinarian.

The reason for not just keeping everything private is a hope that by publishing my thoughts online, I will get feedback from and conversations with people who are interested in the same subjects. I find that conversation and dialogue focus and expands my thoughts, and I greatly appreciate it. So please share your thoughts on my blog posts.

It may sound bloated, but whenever I pause to think about just how much the Internet has given me, especially access to knowledge, I’m awed. So if this blog can also be a way to give a little back to the Internet/world, that’s perfect.

I could do a biography here, but since this is the Internet, draw up your own biography of me, by visiting my different social media profiles. That might give you a more honest idea of who I am, than the one I would cook up. I should write one thing about me, though: I am not a native English speaker, so please disregard any spelling and grammar mistakes.

The three links in many ways befittingly also pertain to my interest in how we ascribe value and truth to ourselves and the world around us, and also to my interest in how fiction and actuality mix in various ways, whether intentional or not.

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